Hartas & Craig is a specialist creative recruitment agency, deeply connected with the creative community in Australia and overseas. Our focus is fostering creative careers, helping to grow the two most valuable assets of any business: the people and culture.

Whether it’s a one-off project or a full-time role, we help agencies and creative talent find each other. We pride ourselves on being fair, honest and ethical throughout the process.

The secret of our success is that we look for specifics: the right skills, experience, personality and cultural fit. We genuinely care about relationships. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Our experience within the creative industry is unparalleled. So when we say we understand, we mean it. Just like the industry and its top people, we constantly evolve to be the best we can be. We love what we do and our results speak for themselves.


Hartas & Craig is all about integrity, relationships and trust. To build that relationship and trust we will meet with you in person. Where geography prevents, then via technology.

We will listen, ask questions and challenge your creative values. We will gain a complete understanding of your ambitions and aspirations.

Respecting your professional and creative wisdom, we’ll keep you informed at every step of the journey. We’ll only suggest roles that are the right creative and cultural fit for you. In pursuit of that perfect fit, we’ll be proactive, push boundaries, go further and deliver beyond traditional recruitment.

Working together, we’ll be creative, bold and grow your career.

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Our business is based on fairness, honesty and integrity. You can trust us to push boundaries, to exceed expectations and deliver.

To build that trusting relationship, we’ll always ask to meet you in person. We’ll listen, question, and challenge your perceptions. We think globally in all our pursuits, and in our pursuit of the right clients and candidates.

Only once we have a complete understanding of your needs will we introduce people to you. We know your time is truly valuable so we only send you relevant resumes. Less is more, and being selective is an art form.

It’s how we’ve built our reputation for going beyond traditional recruitment. Just as we will do for you.




With an incredible sense of creativity, self, and others, Corinna has a real knack for understanding people. As a candidate, Corinna sparks comfortable conversations allowing creatives to openly divulge their qualities, abilities and desires. It was honestly the most enlightening and engaging conversation I’ve experienced with a recruiter. Able to align the right business with the right people, Corinna is quite simply a genuinely lovely person to liaise with.


Executive Creative Director

In a world of LinkedIn, everyone has access to the same information. But in a business where talent is the core our business, sometimes you need to go deeper; to find people who are either hidden, otherwise attached or have been somehow overlooked. That’s where Corinna and Annabel come in. Like gum shoe detectives from the world of noir, they dig deep, find sources and chase down leads, all in the pursuit of connecting the right creatives with the right agencies.

Beyond that, Corinna and Annabel are true ‘people persons’ – they really do care deeply and authentically. Corinna is also the only person who is much of a snow skiing geek as me.

I’m also pretty certain that if I ever meet her at the top of a double-black piste, she’ll be the one leaving me in her tracks.


Creative Director

Most recruitment agencies talk the talk, but none can walk it as well as Hartas & Craig. Having such an insightful understanding of agency culture helps them find the right person for the right fit. In fact, I like to think of Hartas & Craig as matchmakers in disguise – pairing talented creatives with agencies that ‘click’. But it goes even further than that – Corinna genuinely cares about people and their careers. Having experienced her tenacity for those she represents, she epitomizes what all recruiters should aspire to.


Creative Director

I’ve known Corinna for over 12 years now. And I’ve had the pleasure of also working with Annabel over the last 6 months. In all that time, Hartas & Craig have never let me down. Back in 2011, Corinna helped me land a job at a big Sydney agency. 9 years on and I was still there – I loved it and didn’t want to leave. Recently, they helped me find a longterm freelance position during the turmoil of COVID. What I like about them is they look for the right person for the job. Sounds obvious but not many recruiters do that well. They get to know you and understand your background, personality and strengths. So when you’re placed somewhere, you’re actually set up for success. Plus they don’t set and forget. It feels like a partnership, not a one-off interaction. They’re also a lovely duo and extremely easy to deal with. The fact that they’re still the only recruiter I go with says everything.



What’s the difference between a job, a career, and a vocation? Well a job is what most of us need simply to live. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, a job becomes a career, that becomes a secure source of income, and a way to accumulate wealth and assets.

But a steady job or successful career is not a vocation.

According to one dictionary definition – a person’s vocation evokes inmost gifts, abilities, passions, dreams and a broader life purpose. But that passion or purpose does not have to be a job or career. They are not necessarily one-and-the-same. People can enjoy successful careers – yet find their passion and high-endeavour vocation (such as community work, or blue water sailing, or playing in a band) elsewhere.

Happily however, for a select few, vocation and career turn out to be one-and-the-same. Job and broader-life-purpose inextricably and splendidly linked.

Which brings us to Hartas & Craig.

The Marketing Communications industry is home to many skill-sets and diverse intellects. Paramount among these are the ones we call … creatives. The imagineers.
The artists. The storytellers. The wordsmiths. The image-builders and the dream-makers.
For creative shops of every description and every field of communication, creatives
are the bedrock talent on which industry aspirations and success are built.

Creative talent spotting is not a complex task. For HR Consultants, taking a clip-of-the-ticket by moving a creative out of one agency into another, takes no skill other than basic account admin. On the other hand, successfully matching the talents, dreams and aspirations of a creative individual – to the best fit, best resourced and poised-for-success communications agency? That takes research, insight, intuition and dedication.

For more than a decade Hartas & Craig has worked to unearth, identify and nurture creatives.
And then to match these individuals to companies with the scope, ambition and resources
to best utilise and exploit their talents.

For Hartas & Craig this work is not a ‘job’. And, for founding partners Corinna and Annabel,
it’s more than a successful career.

For the H&C partnership, finding and fitting best creative talent, to best communication company creative role, is a vocation. Or, if you like, H&C’s broader life purpose.


General Manager

A human approach to getting the right candidate is what H&C does best. They invest in researching your brand, your business to ensure everything marries up. A thumbs up all round.


Creative Director & Partner

In the 10+ years that I’ve been working with Corinna, she has consistently introduced me to great creative talent. She goes to great lengths to understand the culture of the agency and the personalities within the team, which goes a long way to ensuring that the people that she recommends are a genuinely great “fit”. She’s also a pleasure to deal with: honest, open and warm. And if you don’t believe me, ask my creative department – she placed most of them!


Senior Finance Business Partner

We cannot thank you enough for being amazing Partners during this time.


Executive Creative Director

Hartas & Craig is a great recruitment outfit. Their care and attention to detail is something I really appreciate. Corinna takes the time to thoroughly interview each candidate and provides a detailed account to an ECD, citing her reasons as to why she thinks the candidate would be right for you. I also appreciate her filtering. She doesn’t just send you anyone, but really sticks to the brief and is very selective and considerate to fit the right candidate to the right role. Her recommendations have led to two amazing creatives who delivered a Cannes Grand Prix as well as a Black pencil. But beyond that two really good mates. I can’t recommend Hartas & Craig highly enough.


Creative Director & Co-Founder

Running a start-up means we need to hire quickly when unexpected jobs appear.
And un-hire as quickly when jobs disappear.
As responsive and understanding as Corinna and Annabel always are, they must be hoping we grow and hire staff more permanently.
If we do, it will be partly thanks to all of their help.
If we don’t, I’ll need to ask them to find me a job.


Executive Creative Director

What’s not to like about Hartas & Craig. They care about the people they work with, on both sides of the fence. I appreciate the time they invest in understanding their agency partners and their unique cultures. Then they spend even more time thinking about who would be a good fit.


Executive Creative Director

Corinna is a legend. Smart, sharp, well-connected and an all-round ace human being. I met her when I was working in London and looking to move to Sydney. Her help, support and advice were invaluable. And, although she didn’t end up placing me, she’s stayed in regular contact since then and I’ve come to regard her as astute judge of creative work, professional situations and the lie of the land in the industry.



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Director, Operations

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