Midweight Creatives, Freelance / Permanent

SALARY$500++ per day / $100K++
Posted—30th Oct 2023

We are looking for conceptually brave, boundary pushing creatives who will surprise with their level of thinking and their high level of craft; Art Directors and Copywriters who are capable and confident delivering creative concepts for a mix of clients and brands. You must be able to think and execute across any media platform, with a very modern, thoughtful and exciting approach to every challenge, including social, content, film etc. - this must be demonstrated in your portfolio. A team who have worked together for at least a few years would be great, but if you're working solo and keen to find a partner then get in touch too. 

Not only will you be passionate, but on the ball, fun and friendly as well. You have a sense of ambition and motivation that is infectious and will excite others around you. You take direction well, are willing to listen and learn and have skills with the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

With your experience and successes to date, you’ll be responsible for contributing to creative excellence, developing and producing brand campaigns and integrated projects across the board. You must have three plus years’ experience in an advertising agency environment, a portfolio with award-worthy work, and perhaps some proactive work that you’d love to see come to life.

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