Creative team with gusto


$110 - $120K


Sydney - North Shore



Posted: 19th August 2019

Here’s an opportunity for an established Creative Team, Art Director and Copywriter, ready to really make some significant work to be proud of. Globally recognised brands are screaming out for fresh thinking, solid strategic direction and beautiful craft across all media channels, including activation, events, experiential, PR and, of course, the usual film, broadcast, digital and social.
This agency is on a mission. No politics, only solid leadership, oodles of opportunity on big briefs and time to work on proactive projects as well. In fact, there is never a dull moment here and it’s up to you as a motivated, enthusiastic team to make the most of it. The people are super friendly, extremely talented and very helpful. You’ll be treated and respected as grownups.
We are looking for positive attitudes, initiative, self-motivation and a desire to make some great work that not only looks good but does wonders for the brands. Ideas, good ones, tend to make it through. Collaboration is key as you are all in it together. Client relationships are strong and you’ll be expected to present your work internally as well as to the clients.
On to the craft. As the Copywriter you’re able to string more than just a few sentences together. Tone of voice is important and will vary from brand to brand, so your communication skills, both verbal and written, will be really strong. And as the Art Director you have the ability to quickly scamp up the ideas but then understand the craft of bringing them to life beautifully regardless of channel. Solid knowledge of digital is a must, with a desire to keep learning from your colleagues. So, we are looking for a team with 5 years’ experience, an appetite and ambition to step up.

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