Three Questions for Mikey Tucker

Three Questions For... Mikey Tucker, Freelance Creative Director, Berlin

1. What inspires you outside of the industry?

Music - I’m the frontman of an international touring band signed to a label in Germany, it opens my mind up to the wider world rather than just the ad industry and I was fortunate to be able to relocate my family to Berlin because of my dual professions.

2. What is your favourite brand?

KISS. This is a truly iconic brand, as a kid I swapped KISS cards and still want their pinball machine, I’ll probably be buried in their branded coffin too.

3. Which piece of work do you wish you had done?

I’d love to go back in time and create one of the iconic Australian ads that became part of the vernacular like “Not happy Jan” or ‘’Goggomobil” for The Yellow Pages, these are the ads everyone remembers and you don’t really see this happen anymore.