Three Questions for Mike Nicholson

Three Questions For... Mike Nicholson, Executive Creative Director at SCA, London

1. What inspires you outside of the industry?

Foyle's book shop as it has an amazing range of creative publications as well as all the art catalogues of London's exhibitions. So you can see all the art in printed form if you can't afford the real thing. To get a flavour of real dialogue and trends I tend to listen to people chat on buses and cafes.

2. What is your favourite brand and why?

Hiut Denim for trying to get the Welsh denim industry its jobs back by making world class jeans as well as inspiring content via newsletters and blogs.

3. Which piece of work do you wish you had done?

Small Business Saturday for making a movement that enabled all the little guys to thrive. Love the fact it spread and is still going. A really simple big idea.