Three Questions for Ben Smith

Three Questions For... Ben Smith, Freelance Creative Director, 72andSunnySydney

1. What inspires you outside of the industry?

Podcasts. I find them incredibly inspiring and I’m a little obsessed with them. I listen to them driving, vacuuming, in the gym, sleeping, cooking, typing this.

2. What is your favourite brand?

Can I say two? Adidas for their ads, their shoes, their heritage and because they’re massively involved in a sport I love (football). And I think Aesop are awesome. Their stuff is so well designed that their stores and products actually become the advertising.

3. Which piece of work do you wish you had done?

There’s lots, so much that I’ve written and re-written this about twenty times with different pieces of work. But if I have to pick one, I’m going to say Counterfeit Mini by Crispin. It was silly, big, advertising that didn’t feel like advertising, it made me want to  work at CP+B and from memory was one of the first truly integrated campaigns.