Three Questions for... Matt Chandler

Three Questions For... Matt Chandler, Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

1. What are you most excited about that’s happening in the industry today?

Exploring what’s possible with the different platforms and channels now at our disposal. As a creative, and specifically as a writer, the opportunities to stretch the limits of your talent are far greater than they’ve ever been.

2. And if you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

I’d love to lower our aversion to risk. To poorly paraphrase Dave Trott, when so much advertising is completely ignored, the biggest risk is to take no risk at all.

3. What is your favourite ad of all time and why?

The honest truth is I’ll never love an ad as much as this Yogo ‘Bus’ spot from 1993. I was ten years old when it came out, and back then I thought it was funnier than anything on Agro’s Cartoon Connection. Rewatching it as an adult, I can see I was absolutely right. It’s completely bonkers, hilarious and the animation is properly great. I still quote the line, “I’ll get back to ya, Barry,” at least once a week.