Three Questions for... Julian Penwright

Three Questions for... Julian Penwright, Creative Director

1. What are you most excited about that’s happening in the industry today?

The realisation that regardless of all the new fantastic channels to engage an audience, a multitude of very precise targeting tools, expansion of research based analytics and genuine digital integration - the fact that it all comes back to a great idea. Even more than ever. Doomsayers predicting the demise of the creative are simply wrong.

2. And if you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

Continued advancement in emotionally intelligent people and the final extinction of the old dinosaurs' notion that Ad-land and a work-life balance is an oxymoron.

3. What is your favourite ad of all time and why?

Trumpet Ice Cream "Simplifying Summer Togs & Undies" While you could argue the character is a 'vampire element' i.e. distracting from the product, it is an ad that is pure genius in giving the product a personality, and I still can't look at a Trumpet ice cream without immediately smiling.

Naturally my "Beware the Rhino" campaign for Yarra Trams is right up there but don't want to big-note myself...ooops too late 🙂

And an honourable mention to "Old Spice I'm on a Horse" for re-defining your grandpa's product choice to super cool.