Three Questions For... Justine Armour

Three Questions For... Aussie expat Justine Armour, Group Creative Director, 72andSunny, New York.

What are you most excited about that’s happening in the industry today?

For me, the most exciting things are also the most challenging things. Getting our clients into the cultural conversation means being responsive to culture, and that means being nimble and stretching our creative abilities beyond just writing or art direction, for example. It means when I'm hiring, I'm looking for people with multiple creative skills and interests. That can be a hard adjustment when you grew up taking your time and cherishing craft, mastering one thing, but it's also pretty awesome.

And if you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

I'm working in New York now, and I'm loving every minute of it, but the pace is something I haven't experienced before. And even though I'm not planning to be a mother, often lately it’s occurred to me that it would be so hard for a mother to do my role. New York is home to agencies whose clients need women to be thinking about their business, women who understand the lives of the women who buy basically every single thing, yet the nature of the industry is very discouraging for these women. But the best thing about being in this role, and being at the kind of company I work at, is that I do have the power to change things.

What is your favourite ad of all time and why?

My opinion on this changes every day. There is no way I can choose one.

Skittles Touch is a perfect commercial. So is Skittles Piñata.

Old Spice "Man Your Man Could Smell Like" made me desperate to work at W+K, and that changed my life.

More recently, I loved the Southern Comfort things, like Shark Fingernail, Shotta Soco, etc.

The other day I was watching Combos “What Your Mom Would Feed You If Your Mom Were A Man” campaign, and it is still so great.

Hmm. I think I've got a type.