Three Questions For... Darryn Devlin

Three Questions For... Darryn Devlin, Founder, Lunch Partners

What are you most excited about that’s happening in the industry today?

Collaboration. Like any story or nursery rhyme, you need a cast of characters coming together to tell a humdinger. Same, of course, in advertising. Always has been, Always will be. Now I don’t need to go into who is the cow/spoon/dog/fiddle/or dish in an advertising collaboration, but the coming together of smart, empathetic, disparate talents is what I always have, and always will, love what we do.

If you could change one thing about the industry, what it would be?

Fear. The over-riding fog of fear that has enveloped the industry (But maybe that is too negative so let me go with...) Lunch. Seriously bring it back. I am, obviously, a great believer, that if you can’t sit down and break bread with someone, then they shouldn’t be your workmate, your client or more importantly your consumer. It’s not an indulgence to take time out of the office to rediscover humanity. Which maybe ties back into my first point; Fear.

What is your favourite ad of all time?

Playfulness. Is that even a word? Whatever it is, you need a large dollop of it to do wonderful work. And my favourite Australian Ad has ‘playfulness’ by the buckets; Carlton Draught’s ‘Big Ad’ by Clems Melbourne. Playfulness in concept. Playfulness in execution. Playfulness in a category. Playfulness with vernacular. Hugely effective and affecting. A doff of the hat to all involved.