Three Questions For... Shaun O'Connor

Three Questions For... Shaun O'Connor, Creative Technology Director, DDB Group Australia

What inspires you?

Skateboarding, more and more the less I get time to do it. Every curb, bench, set of stairs, crack, bank and bump is an opportunity, and every skateboarder sees it differently.

What do you look for in a Creative’s book?

Ideas that use technology in a human way, hack behaviour in a smart way, and remain so simple that anyone can experience them.

What does ‘creativity’ mean to you?

The ability to take a problem, create 10 innovative solutions, develop 3 of them, be told no, it’s not right. Do this everyday, until one gets through and your idea is seen by the people it was created for. See them experience it, evolve it, make it better, ensure it makes their day better. Start again.