Three Questions for... Justin Kuruvilla

Three Questions For... Justin Kuruvilla, Creative Group Head, Dentsu Singapore

What inspires you?

Insights. Whether we're communicating or entertaining, a great insight may lead to work that can make you cry your heart out, or laugh till you cry. The work produced by one of my (many) favourite comedic writers Larry David is a case in point.

What do you look for in a Creative's book?

Well, sometimes it depends on what we're looking for – craft, ideas, enthusiasm. But always, the depth of thinking. Which, on more than one occasion I've seen has been richer and deeper than my shallow mind has ever been.

What does 'creativity' mean to you?

There’s creativity in everything. Anything you see or create that can make you laugh, make your heart beat faster, give you goose bumps. Even make you famous.