Three Questions For... Paul Coghlan

Three Questions For... Paul Coghlan, Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson Perth

1) What inspires you?

Anything that changes the world. Honestly. Whether it's an act of human kindness, a piece of ingenious design, or an idea that positively impacts culture. That and the incessant curiosity of my young kids.

 2) What do you look for in a Creative's book?

Ambidextrous thinking. Yes, evidence of original ideas and craft and thinking, but also that they're discerning enough to know there are many non-traditional and unexpected ways to solve a problem. I also look for work that's coming from a curious but truthful place. Anyone can be creative, but people who put rigour around their thinking will always get a seat in my creative department over someone who's work is just being wacky for wacky's sake.

 3) What does 'creativity' mean to you?

In my mind it's actually very easy to be creative. However, in the realm of connecting creativity to solving problems and giving businesses a greater share of industry, there's a whole other level of creative smarts required. But that's the exciting bit. These days, creativity is far beyond just disruptive comms - it's required through every facet of how a business connects with the world. Product design, seamless UX, how a brand responds on social media. Oh, and content, TV, integrated Comms campaigns, etc. Whatever it takes to solve a business problem in a truly new and unique way - that's modern creativity to me.