Three Questions For... George Prest

George Prest, Founder at Blood Global, Partner at You & Mr Jones

1) What inspires you?

People. What they do, what they think, what they're passionate about, what they need. I'm obsessed by creating value for people so observing them is key. I listen to conversations in restaurants. I obsess about how people interact with technology and media. I watch my kids hoover Youtube. This obsession with humanity is why our company is called Blood.

 2) What do you look for in a creative's book?

I look to see what range of projects they've done. I look to see the quality of companies they've worked for, the teams they've been in and the problems they've solved. I'm interested in hybrid people, writers who code, social strategists who are photographers and planners who are designers. We don't have departments at Blood, we put teams together to crack big, hairy problems fast and efficiently, so the word 'creative' applies to everyone. I put most value on meeting people face-to-face and digging into how they think.

3) What does 'creativity' mean to you?

Solving problems based on human, technological and brand understanding. Obviously there are a million other definitions and scopes of creativity but that's how it applies to me right now.