Three Questions For... Dave King

Dave King, Creative Director at Innocean Worldwide

What inspires you?

People who take risks to try and make themselves better. They go back to school, change careers, start their own agencies, leave stagnant relationships etc. They don't accept that this is as good as it gets but they go out there to make things better for themselves. I suppose it's bravery in some form.

What do you look for in a Creative’s book?

Emotion. Ideas that make me feel something. Risk. I like seeing work that has deviated from the expected path. Even if it fails. Looking at something and wondering how the hell the creatives ever got to that idea. And stuff with great insights. Generally the creatives came up with those.

What does ‘creativity’ mean to you?

Finding a different way to solve a problem. Back at M&C I watched Brent Smart open a bottle of wine with a phone book because we'd lost the opener. That was creative. In our industry it's connecting with people so they do what we want them to do. Hopefully that doesn't sound too cynical.