Three Questions For... Adrian McNamara

Adrian McNamara CD at OgilvyOne Worldwide - Vietnam

What inspires you
Unfamiliar surroundings, languages, resourcefulness, insights and right now, the sheer dynamism of Asia.

What do you look for in a creative’s book?
I find myself looking for all types these days, designers, social peeps, writers who can pen in English and Vietnamese, art directors, people who get tech, people who get mobile, so I’m looking for spark of some kind, a clue as to hire them or not? Sometimes it's easy to spot, sometimes it takes some digging.

What does creativity mean to you?
I divide it into two camps. 1.) An expression of self or surroundings 2.) and much more critical to what we do, solving a problem in an interesting way, be that a business problem, a communication problem or done for the benefit of mankind.