Three Questions For... Alex Stainton

Alex Stainton, Associate Creative Director at BBDO San Francisco

What inspires you?
I always feel like my brain unclenches and wiggles around a bit when I go to an art gallery, or to the cinema. I’m also inspired by virtually everything in WIRED magazine (like that #snotbot drone, designed to collect whale sneezes).

What do you look for in a Creative’s book?
JUNIOR: Lots of ideas. Draw them by hand if you like. Doesn’t matter if they weren’t produced. Show off your thinking. MIDWEIGHT: Some work that stands out from the crowd. You might only have one of those, but that might be enough. SENIOR: A solid track record. Some great storytelling. Evidence that you’ve pitched and produced some big campaigns. ALL: I feel like too many teams miss the opportunity to sell themselves as I flip through the portfolio site. Add funny captions. Provide context. Go nuts.

What does ‘creativity’ mean to you?
Elegant, odd, and delightful solutions to practical problems.