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Lürzer’s International Archive Magazine

Lürzer’s Archive Magazine showcases the best of advertising from around the world, is published six times a year, and has a circulation of 38,000.

It’s a fairly safe bet that you could visit any type of agency, anywhere on the planet – from a multinational in Manila to a hotshop in Helsinki – and find some copies of Lürzer’s Archive in the creative department. The magazine is a perennial source of inspiration, even jealousy, and most creatives will admit to having ‘borrowed’ an idea from within its pages, perhaps more than once, over the years.

My history with Archive Magazine goes all the way back to its inception, in 1984, the year the space shuttle made its maiden voyage.

I was a young art director working at Leo Burnett under Walter Lürzer, the German advertising legend who had co-founded TBWA Frankfurt and start-up Lürzer Conrad (with fellow legend Michael Conrad), when he instigated this wonderful international magazine for creatives, the first of its kind.

Two years later, I was offered the opportunity to transfer to the Leo Burnett office in Hong Kong, and Walter Lürzer asked me to help launch the magazine to creatives there, and encourage them to submit their best work. Since then, I have been Archive’s representative in each country that I have lived in… and there have been a few!

I didn’t realise it at the time, but this was terrific training for what I do today. The job necessitated building relationships with creatives all over Australia, and it set me on the road to making successful connections between industry leaders and talented career-seekers.

Sadly, Walter Lürzer is no longer with us, but today Archive is stronger than ever. Internationally, that is. There has been something of a decline in the quantity of Australian work in the magazine in recent years, and I’d love to reverse that. Getting published in Archive means getting exposure to an audience of international creatives, many of whom end up serving on awards juries. Need I say more? So please do submit your work online. P.S. it’s FREE.

Corinna Hartas