Associate Creative Director, Copy


$120 - 150K


Sydney - CBD



Posted: 23rd February 2018

We are on the hunt for an exceptionally fresh, hugely talented, digitally focused ACD copy-based creative. There are three major criteria for this role:
Firstly, you must be a native English speaker with demonstrated big campaign ideas that have seen international success. We are talking really broad thinking, where every media has been pushed through boundaries unknown.
Secondly, we want to see beautiful story telling at its best. Well-written, well-crafted and effective, with strong ideas at the core but then blown out across social, digital, video and everything else you can think of.
Thirdly, and extremely important, is a very positive, forward-thinking and enthusiastic character, adding to the culture of the team. Someone who can have a laugh and who is not precious, able to manage a brief from end to end with involvement across all stages, taking responsibility and leading by example.
Experience on big and small brands, from sport to tech, financial services to telco, would be a bonus. Importantly, though, is your passion, drive and determination to take an idea beyond the expected using your wit, natural ability and intelligence.
Expectations are exceptionally high and the norm is just not enough. Whilst you must be an ideas generator, you will also be a master of the craft, with solid strategic insights and brilliance at building great working relationships, trusted by your clients and inspiring for your team.

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