Creative Team / Art Director & Copywriter


up to $100K each


Sydney - CBD



Posted: 16th October 2018

Are you an up and coming Team, or Art Director and Copywriter looking to work with a team of extremely talented people on a brand that’s keen to push boundaries and innovative thinking? Here’s what we have: a brand that has a huge presence, working in close collaboration with a leading Australian agency, and they are loving the work that’s being produced.
So, to help them continue to surprise, we are looking for an enthusiastic, fun, outgoing team or two individuals to work in close collaboration with the senior teams at this semi in-house agency. The atmosphere is great, the environment fast-paced but fun and engaging. You’ll learn lots when it comes to integrated campaign work whilst also being very much part of the innovation team. The work life balance is pretty good at well.
We’d like ideas-based creatives who have the confidence to take ownership of projects from start to finish, who are not afraid to push boundaries and share ideas that are unexpected. Creatives who welcome feedback and have a willingness to listen and learn from some of the best in the industry. The opportunities are endless, it’s just what you make of them.
Ideally you’ll come from a great agency, have about 5 to 6 years’ experience and have even won an award or two. The Art Director will have a razor-sharp eye for detail across all media including TV. The Copywriter will be clever with tone of voice and have scriptwriting experience that will make you shine.
Be brave, take on this challenge and you’ll be surprised!

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